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8 Attractions To Visit In & Around Krabi Town

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With the natural elements of outstanding beaches, paradisiacal waters and verdant green jungle that makes up Krabi province it’s difficult to want to leave this part of Thailand. When you make it south, more or less everyone spends a few nights in Krabi. Krabi Town is the town port; base and area that you will end up first, and really should base yourself. Now, many travellers and backpackers often dismiss Krabi Town as ‘having nothing to do’, but in reality there is quite a bit you can do whilst in and around the mainland environs of Krabi Town. We all know it’s tempting to go stay elsewhere when you’ve got the likes of Ao Nang, Koh Phi Phi and co. available, but if you’re wanting it all the best thing to do is to situate in Krabi Town. You can see everything that surrounds Krabi and all its wonders, and not only that but you can visit and experience the secrets of Krabi Town that involves some real Thai culture too. Don’t believe us? Well take a look at what Krabi Town has got on offer and why it’s much more than a stopover location. Tiger Temple Cave Undoubtedly Krabi Town’s most popular tourist attraction, the Tiger cave locally known, as Wat Tham Suea is actually one of the most sacred sites in the whole of Thailand. However, it isn’t no walk in the park as you must commence up over 1200 steps to reach the temples peak. You can witness tiger paw prints in the caves, a huge golden Buddha monument whilst surrounded by pockets of rainforests. A must see whilst you’re in Krabi Town! Krabi River If you’re a bit of a rural geek and love natural, green, inner surroundings then Krabi River is a place to visit. It actually stretches to 5km ending into the Andaman Sea. Take a boat ride here with wall to wall of riverbanks and the limestone cliffs in the background, you can also bird watch here. If you’ve had enough of sight seeing, go for sunrise or sunset or maybe eating by the river that has notably good seafood. Kanab Nam Limestone Cliffs Whilst we’re discussing nature, the limestone cliffs that exist in the province are pretty much the postcard frames for Krabi. The Kanab Nam ones offer spiritual sites, caves and hidden river networks. Not only that, mangrove forests and a fishing village make up this part of Krabi, which in total all acts as a gateway to Krabi itself. Make some time for this experience. Krabi Markets Thailand wouldn’t be Thailand without markets and in Krabi there are some cool ones to visit. Chao Fa Pier market on Khong Kha road is on everyday from 6pm where you can eat freshly prepared Thai food perched by the riverside. Walking Street markets from Friday to Sunday are getting real popular and worth visiting more than just the once. The atmosphere, the stalls, the shopping and authentic Thai design makes it a must visit. If you want to eat something a little obscure, catfish curry and other delicacies are served on Maharat Road markets. Krabi Town Nightlife With Playground Bar at Pak Up Hostel one of the main social and party areas in Krabi Town, it set’s it up perfectly for a night out on the Krabi tiles. You’ll find an array of bars, pubs, clubs, entertainment venues and street drinking in and around Krabi. It won’t be as mental as Bangkok or Pattaya, but the nights out with the less expectation are often the best. Krabi Kart Speedway and Krabi Paintball Park Two exciting extreme adventures, around 7km from the centre of Krabi Town these two activities are located. Imagine limestone cliff surroundings to drive around your kart in like Fast & Furious. Imagine going paintballing in the jungle just like many wars have happened before? The setting is complete; you just need to do it! Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint Around 30km away from downtown Krabi Town is the stunning and underrated Khao Ngon Nak viewpoint located in Nong Thale. The trails to the viewpoint itself won’t take you long, only a 4km distance, but with lush jungle, some average climbs and off the beaten track vibe, you’ll be in your own adventure movie here. Eco Krabi Although not exactly downtown of Krabi, Krabi Emerald Pool and Krabi Hot Springs are both located 70km away within the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. This is a perfect way to spend a day of pure relaxtion. Get wet, warm and relaxed and take a holiday from the holiday!

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