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7 Novelties You’ll Probably Only Experience In Thailand

Despite Thailand being a premier destination for all kinds of tourists and travellers nowadays, the country still provides some authentic and less authentic experiences different than any other. Every country has its different elements and Thailand is no different in that respect. Especially if you’re use to living outside of Asia, when arriving in Thailand, some things will obviously be foreign to you. Good, bad and the ugly, whatever you think of Thailand, it’s still a bit of a ball. Let’s take a look at some things you can only experience in Thailand: Visit The World’s Most Visited City Bangkok, Thailand’s capital attracts millions of visitors per year, and is officially the worlds most visited. With a perfect blend of Thai culture with Western facilities, Bangkok has something for everyone. The food is great, the entertainment is everywhere, the bars are lively and there are travellers in all pockets of the city. Experience Khao San Road I mean, Khao San Road is pretty unique as far as backpackers go. There maybe new streets trying to replicate the same thing, but Khao San Road has been around for decades now. Full of markets, bars, hotels and hawkers, Khao San is touristy, trashy and commercial, but there’s no place like it. Muay Thai Camps The national sport of Thailand is becoming bigger and bigger, especially with travellers. People are visiting Muay Thai camps, training, learning to fight, eat locally and learn local Thai languages. It’s an experience in itself, especially when you fancy keeping fit and wanting a detox. Eating Scorpions Although probably nothing to do with authentic Thai culture, eating scorpions has been a popular novelty for travellers in recent years. Fried, crispy and just bland, eating scorpions represents the crazy ‘anything goes’ attitude that Thailand allows for travellers. Full Moon Party Where else in the world is there a monthly beach party, filled with tens of thousands of travellers? In Koh Phangan, the Full Moon Party is epic, messy and crazy. Some would say you haven’t been to Thailand without going to one. Tuk Tuk Travel

You won’t find Tuk-Tuks in Europe, USA or Australia; well not as common as they are in Thailand. Tuk-tuks are a old fashioned method of transport, a three-wheeled open side van, normally multi-coloured. They don’t go very fast in long stretches, but the way the Thai’s drive them, they are quite nippy in and around the city! Street Food Pad Thai Pad Thai is Thailand’s national dish, and although it’s international now, you won’t be able to find it as authentic, delicious and cheap as you can in its home country. If you’re around the tourist areas, you can get it for only $1!

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