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10 Ways To Prepare For Your Backpacking Trip To Thailand

White Temple

Thailand has been a backpacking mecca for years, and even though it seems that everyone is visiting, it still is one of the most visited places for backpackers in the world. Most travellers begin in Bangkok, before heading north or south to explore the different regions of the country. In Thailand you’ve got everything, from the bustling cities, lush jungle, amazing beaches, humbling culture, tasty food and affordable costs. But if you’re visiting Thailand for the first time, you might be concerned of how to prepare for your trip. I mean, despite it’s popularity, and the rise of holiday-makers, Thailand isn’t your typical destination. Laws are different in Thailand, the rules of living are different, and in case you didn’t know, the country is devoted to religion and it’s own culture. So, if you’re planning a trip to the land of smiles, have a read of our list to get you prepared! Plan At Least A Month Bangkok is full of amazing places, so treat every new place as a good place. Enjoy Bangkok, explore Thailand’s north, but make lots of time for the south. You can visit Thailand quickly, but you won’t experience a fraction of it if you do. 30 days is a good amount. Watch The Beach Even though its 17 years old, it’s the famous Hollywood movie about Thailand, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio. It will get you excited for the lush waters, weathers and culture. Seek Travel Health Advice Heading into anywhere in Asia, seeking health advice is key. You may need some travel vaccinations before you go. Also, you might want to purchase malaria tablets, as in some parts the mosquito’s spread disease is more rife than others. Don’t Take Your Best Clothes Thailand has many markets with clothes for a fraction of the price, so don’t worry about wearing your best clobber. Plus, it’s that hot you’ll probably just ruin them with sweat anyway. Don’t go over board, but just take the necessities. Begin In Bangkok Bangkok is the hub of Thailand, and probably Southeast Asia too. Most international airlines fly into the Thai capital. Also, get used to the Thai culture, meet other travellers and have a few beers to settle the nerves. Bangkok is an amazing city with malls, markets, restaurants and bars to enjoy. From there, you can choose to go north or south. Stay In Hostels Hostels are incredibly social in Thailand. If you’re in Bangkok, you’ve got Nappark Hostel, or the newly created Mad Monkey Bangkok. Going south, in Krabi, Pak Up Hostel is one of the best-facilitated hostels in Asia. You’ll meet other travellers, just like you, and set off to create some of the best memories of your life. Eat The Local Food Don’t stick to your western favourites, you’ll be missing out on so much! Thai food is some of the best cuisine in the world, and there are so many varieties you’ll be in food heaven. You’ve got curries, soups, salads and some fresh coastal seafood to enjoy. Thailand is a foodies heaven! Expect It To Be Different You might see fried insects, shots of snake blood, tons of traffic, exotic creatures, mesmeric temples and a whole lot tuk-tuks, but that’s just Asia. Monks will wander the street and temples are everywhere. This is Thailand. Learn A Couple Phrases Learning a few phrases of any new country you visit is always recommended, as it goes a long way to the locals. Even if it’s just thank you (Kahp-un-kap/kaa) then you’ll be doing well.

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