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10 Things to do in Krabi

If Chiang Mai is the key representation of the north, Bangkok the centre then the south is owned to Krabi. Krabi is the coastal province that brags many natural attractions including mesmerizing nearby islands, stunning beaches, lush nature and vibrant setting. If you visit Thailand, staying in Krabi seems to be mandatory nowadays, with Krabi Town and Ao Nang also having plenty to offer. That being said, you really need to base your Thai travels around Krabi after you’ve visited other parts of Thailand. With so much on offer around Krabi you’ll never run out of things to see and explore. Railay Beach Arguably Thailand’s most pristine beach, Railay stretches for kilometers long with unrivalled white sand. If you take a panoramic shot, you’ll be twirling for a while, as Railay seems to have no corners nor edge to it’s existence. The sun is unabated here however, and with little shade you’ll soon tan, or get burnt! If you do reach the outer area of Railay, you’ll be met with towering limestone cliffs and viewpoints. A must visit in Krabi province. Maya Bay Visit the famous spot where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed starring a certain Mr Di Caprio. Although recent plans have been proposed to limit tourists due to coral bleaching, you can still visit this glorious enclosed lagoon in all it’s beauty. You won’t be the only one looking to visit Maya bay so look to do a tour there early in the morning before the hoards of tourists visit! This is one bucket list item you HAVE to cross off when in Thailand. Tiger Cave Temple Located in Krabi Town, Tiger Cave Temple offers you a cultural and spiritual experience like non-other in Krabi. The name comes above from the tiger paw prints within the adjacent caves; although the temple itself is a huge golden Buddha perched at the peak of the structure. Over 1,200 steps are required to reach the top, but with lush surroundings and monks who peacefully live there, there is no better way to indulge in local Thai culture than here. Hong Island Koh Hong is a popular island to visit for a whole bunch of activities including kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing and paddle boarding; and you can do tours through Pak Up Hostel! Enjoy a day away from it all, and even if you just want to chill out, that’s fine! Make the best of your day becauseonly the daytime exists here, no one is allowed to stay overnight! Emerald Pool Not only is the Emerald Pool a huge pull for any explorers due to it’s idyllic natural waters, it’s surrounded by accompanying lush verdant nature. Within Thung Teao Natural Park you can trek here as well as spot rare animals and birdlife. Eco adventures in Krabi are many, but the Emerald pool is the most popular. Koh Poda If you’re looking for the perfect Insta shot, Koh Poda and the long tail boats that line up against it’s coast will be the frame you’re looking for. Koh Poda is part of a tiny archipelago, which has amazing snorkelling, stunning views and crystal clear waters. One of the most popular islands in Krabi province, it takes around 25 minutes via boat to reach here. Krabi Town Staying in Krabi Town is more than just a stopover location, especially when Pak Up Hostel runs the town. With facilities and prices as affordable in Pak Up, it’s the perfect foundation to explore the environs of Krabi Town. Day and Night Markets are authentic, temples are intriguing and the bar scene is lively. Krabi Town is a little underrated and only the most open minded of travellers appreciate it. Klong Thom Hot Springs Around 70km away from Krabi town, in the same reserve the Emerald Pool resides, the Klong Thom Hot Springs are long thought to have medicinal benefits. A natural spa, if you’re tired of being a traveller, head here to get your mind back on track. The rainforest is your neighbour; the soothing warm water that derives from volcanic chambers is the eco attraction everyone should visit in Krabi. Ao Thalane If you’ve been told by a fellow traveller about Ao Thalane, and managed to spell it correctly in Google, the first things that come up at the Kayaking adventures that go with. A small fishing village located in an area of umpteen mangrove forests and limestone canyons, kayaking around is the best and sometimes only method to explore vigorously. Tourism here isn’t huge, so if you’re looking for an off the beaten track experience, Ao Thalane provides you with that. Phang Nga Bay If you think Halong Bay in Vietnam was something, then visiting the Thai version will blow your mind also. Located in the Andaman sea, towering limestone cliffs are in your instant view. Dotted around the vicinity are individual lagoons, caves and strips of beaches. You can even visit James Bond Island the setting for one of 007’s movies back in the 2000’s.Thing

Krabi Town

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