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  1. Check-out Time: 11 AM  

  2. Late check-out 11am-2pm, 50% charge of the check-out date’s rate. After 2pm, full price charge. 

  3. Taking a shower after check-out is 50 baht, payable at reception.

  4. Feel free to leave your luggage after check-out at the reception area. 

  5. You would need your own padlock for the under bed lockers. You can buy one at the reception for 150 baht. We would highly recommend you using a padlock as we will not take any responsibility, whatsoever, in the case where your valuable items are missing. 

  6. If you wish to extend past your booked stay, please pay by 11am at the reception on the morning of your normal check-out. Please note, however, the hostel reserves the right to deny extending if we are already fully booked for that day.

  7. Deposit: 100 baht for a key and 200 baht for a towel. These deposits are fully refundable upon return. Please do not take the towel outside the hostel. Fee for taking the towel outside the hostel is 200 baht 

  8. Refund: 3-day notice policy for early check-out. 

  9. Noise: We love our guests to have fun and socialize as much as possible at Balcony Party Hostel, this is what we are all about. Please be respectful towards neighbours and fellow (tired) backpackers by keeping noise to a minimum after 1 am. 

  10. Visitors: You can bring visitors into the bar area your own safety, only hostel’s guests allow going upstairs. It is strictly forbidden to bring visitors into the dorm rooms. Once you have checked out, you cannot go back into your dorm room for any reason. Please ask the reception if you forgot something in the dorm room.

  11. Smoking: Smoking is permitted in the bar area. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside dorm rooms, in bathrooms, or in the corridors outside the dorm rooms. 

  12. Housekeeping: Bed linen is changed between every guest checking out. If you are staying multiple nights, your bed linen can be changed upon request at the reception every 3 days. Please remove any of your personal belongings from the bed before housekeeping change your linen. A fee will be charged if you damage any linen.

  13. Outside drinks cannot be bought into the Balcony Bar. Corkage is 300 THB per bottle. 

  14. No food or drink to be consumed in the dorm rooms 

  15. Wi-Fi is free throughout the entire hostel. 

  16. Air con is set at 25C which is how most people like it. Please be considerate when changing the temperature. Air con cannot, at any time, be switched off. Air con is switched off from 1 pm to 4pm everyday

  17. Every shower should have hot water.

  18. If you have any problems during your staying, please let us know straight away so we can rectify the situation.

  19. Please hang the bed tag given to you at the reception from your chosen bunk. Bed number and locker name must match. 

  20. Abandoned items left in the hostel will be disposed of after 2 weeks.

  21. Balcony Party Hostel does not accept any liability whatsoever for the loss, theft or damage to your belongings while within our premises. Please use under bed lockers provided in the dorm rooms and padlock them. You cannot, under any circumstances, bring drugs or weapons of any kind into the hostel. Police will be informed accordingly of any violations.

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